I am Mandy Saile, a maker of whimsical & unique handmade lovelies. I am a lover of bright colour who’s addicted to coloured pencils. I’ve been working with coloured pencils for almost 20 years now, Oh my, how they make my heart and fingers sing! Also in the last year or so I’ve fallen under the spell of ink pens and working in black & white. I am quite excited about how the black & white ink work sits perfectly against my usual super colourful palette. But, at the end of the day, I am a multi-passionate artist, who also loves working with acrylics, paper, buttons, mixed media, watercolor, print-making, felt work & stitchery, doll-making, jewelry-making, photography, etc…I love it all. I just love to create and to make things...but coloured pencils are still my very most favorite!
My artwork is made to inspire and act as a reminder towards all the abundant joy and beauty in life. I also use my art to tell stories about kindness and connection; to ourselves, to one another and especially to animals.

I dream nightly of one day creating my heart-made artwork in the middle of my own rabbit sanctuary / rescue. I can picture it so clearly, a giant building, almost like a greenhouse, an enchanted place where we can grow grass inside. It’ll be full of light, books, plants and jazz will softly tinkle away. I envision a bevy of wonderful bunny-loving volunteers. Green-smoothies, espresso & various delectable hays will always be on hand. I picture each bun having large pens with a very large common play area for all to enjoy every day for a spell. Blending into all this is bunny goodness will be my studio, a super large horse-shoe shaped desk (I’ve already started designing it all in my mind!) The desk will be right smack dab in the middle of all the bunniful action. But, right now and until we get there, we have as many house bunnies as we can comfortably fit (cage-free) in our home/the studios. Right now we have 9 beautiful rescued house-buns (learn about my life with rabbits over at the Bunny Tales page and on the Blog). Animals and especially rabbits are one of my main and constant sources of joy and inspiration.
Another big part of my artistic journey includes pain. I am a chronic & acute migraine/headache sufferer; I have been for as long as I can remember. I do my best to not let them slow me down too much but it can get very tricky & hard. After years of suffering with them however I can see positivity in them! They force me to slow down & to take stock of what’s important & wonderful! I can oddly be sitting there with a painful storm thundering away in my noggin, yet still feel so lucky and embraced by all the beauty and joy abundant in this life. I’ve also come to realize that the pain I deal with plays a huge part in my artwork being whimsical and colourful. I’ve come to rely on colour and whimsy, for they lift and carry me past the drudgery of all the pain. My soul seems to seek bright colour and whimsicality like a thirsty horse seeks out water. It’s this amazing escape that pulls me out of the negativity. Even when the pain keeps me away from my work, I find an embracing comfort knowing whimsy and colour are there waiting for me, ready to engulf and soothe. I no longer shy away from sharing this part of my artistic journey, for its part of the magic that makes me, me! And if talking about it all openly, encourages and inspires any fellow pain-riddled creative souls out there to push past the pain and keep working, that’s great.
As for my sweet beloved little home, I make it with my incredibly awesome honey and our beautiful inspiring warren of rambunctious rabbits amongst the green sea of trees, sparkling lakes and crisp fresh air of Northern Ontario, Canada.

For more insight do visit my beloved blog, I blog 3 -5 times a week usually; about my life as a full-time artist, bunny mama, migraine sufferer, kind-living & more.

You’re always welcome to view our Flickr photo albums as well. They offer a lovely glimpse into our life full of art, bunnies and whimsy.

Ialso like to use Instagram to share rabbit antics, art in progress, etc...

Thank you so kindly for hopping in...Mandy A.O.C.A.D.